EthVPN: Airbnb for VPNs

Decentralized VPN powered by Ethereum.

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Much Features. Such Wow.

1. Use your Ether currency!

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2. Installs on any platform.

Works on Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android.

3. Even works in China.

Behold the glories of ShadowSocks!


Everything you'd probably ask.

Why use EthVPN?

Foremost, given that any IP address can join EthVPN, it is nigh-impossible to block. Moreover, it's usually cheaper than a standard VPN! No credit card! Pay in Ether!

What kind of privacy guarantees do I have?

Very few. The person you choose as your VPN provider could sell your information to adversaries. If you want true privacy, use Tor. EthVPN trades privacy guarantees for speed, robustness, and convenience.

How does it work?

Install ShadowSocks on your machine. Select a proxy. Set your proxy settings. You're done!

How are you different from Mysterium?

With EthVPN you can use the native Ether currency. But most importantly, ours works right now.

When is it available?

The basics features are available right now! With more features coming!

Is this in any way related to or sponsored by the illustrious Ethereum Foundation?


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Pricing? Eh, at the moment it's free.